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Thursday, March 10, 2011


But look what I discovered when I lifted that green spot – a long, straight line on the bottom of my cloud. YUK. Again, guess I’ve ruined the painting, since you can’t correct watercolor.
Oh – but wait, didn’t we just learn that “oh yes we can”!
Here is where the scrubber brush will come in handy.
*Newbie Alert – scrubber brushes are stiff bristled brushes specifically manufactured to scrub over watercolor paper and lift paint. I like to call them “nudge-er” brushes, since I like to gently nudge the paint into lifting rather than doing what the term “scrub” implies, which is a harsh abrading of the paper. And I will always try to “scrub” the area with a soft brush first so as not to damage the paper. If that doesn’t work, then I go to a scrubber brush.

Both of these are true scrubber brushes, the left one very round, the other more of a filbert shape.

Here you can see the tips better.
*Newbie Alert - the proper way to “scrub” is to wet the area you want to remove and allow the water to sit a few seconds to begin soaking into the paper. In this photo, you can see the shine of the water on the paper.
Then take your wet scrubber and gently rub small circles over the offending paint. Then gently blot with a tissue. The paint should be removed.
Here you can see the hard line has been softened at the bottom of the cloud.

I will go through the same process on this hard line at the top of the cloud.


RH Carpenter said...

I'm enjoying watching this step-by-step, Deb. Great review and good intro to those who haven't worked with watercolor pencils yet.

debwardart said...

Rhonda - Thanks, I thought it might be helpful, and fun.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Nice demo!!!