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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Some might call this “paint by number” and they would probably be right! But I am enjoying the challenge to get the colors similar to what is in the photo. This is not photorealistic (like Jacqueline Gnott or Laurin McCracken)  but as close as I’m able to get! I thoroughly enjoy these detailed paintings. Maybe because I can paint a small area and while it’s drying I can start dinner or switch the laundry and by the time I’m back the painting has dried enough for me to continue working.
Another layer of paint over the words.

More work on the cans.  I decided to do the labels first since they are so detailed, and then I’ll do the cans all together and then I’ll mix up some black for the lettering and labels.

I have never done a painting this detailed before. I even had to buy a “0” round brush for all those little spaces and letters!
I enjoy seeing this painting come to life!


Carol Blackburn said...

Coming out beautifully, Deb.

Christiane Kingsley said...

A real labor of love...and all worth it. It is going to be great! I can understand how you would enjoy working on this painting! I love details also...I suffer from painting agoraphobia...I am scared of those wide open white spaces:-)I have to admit however that I don't own a "0" brush...maybe I should get one!

I also am enjoying seeing this painting come to life!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

The colors are just gorgeous!!

debwardart said...

Thanks Carol, Christiane and Kimberly.
Christiane - love "painting agoraphobia" - now I know what I suffer from, too!!!