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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Ying Yang Mums (Watercolor)
Yikes . . . they keep on coming!

In a previous post I mentioned that my painting "Ying Yang Mums" got into the NWS Annual show.  Since then I've learned that it will be a part of the traveling show which will tour the country for a year following the exhibit.  AND - my friend Chris Beck let me know that they used my image on their postcard!

Yesterday I learned that my painting "Flights of Fancy" is accepted into the Georgia Juried Member's show.

Flights of Fancy (Watercolor)
Something bizarre must be happening to the Universe - maybe the Mayan legend is true - the world really is coming to an end!

Unfortunately, I didn't have any pieces to send to NWS for signature review (all the "good ones" were out in shows).  But who cares, I'm happy and thrilled to be in that show, as well as the others.  And, in the scheme of things, that's not really a bad "problem" to have.


Jeanette said...

You're on a roll, stick with it! The Ying Yang Mums is a stunner, no wonder it was picked.

I'm here painting furiously for shows and scrambling to put pieces in for art bank submission. Its the nutty season it seems.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Super congratulations to you, Deb, on all this success. The world is simply coming to its senses:-)
I had never seen "Flights of Fancy" before I believe - It is absolutely wonderful!

Vicki Greene said...

Congratulations! I am very happy for you and the honors are well deserved.

debwardart said...

Jeanette - I hear ya! There are 2 shows coming up and I'm sitting here with 4 uncompleted paintings - yikes - planning on painting the rest of the weekend - household chores can wait!
Christiane and Vicki - thanks! For once I'm happy with my paintings!

mollie jones said... exciting for you, Deb. I've been out of the country and am having the devil of a time getting caught up on everybody's adventures. You're certainly getting your share of awards...many deserve it. Sure you can't come up with something for NWS?

debwardart said...

Thanks Mollie - but the clock has chimed on the NWS time! Maybe (if there will be . . ) next time!

Chris Beck said...

WOW!! You have the start of a great series here, Deb!! I loved Ying Yang Mums and Flights of Fancy is another really eye-popping piece!! Way to go, my friend!!

debwardart said...

Thanks Chris, your critiques mean a lot!

Mike said...

Congrats Deb on your acceptance into the NWS show AND for being the featured image on the invitation! What an incredible honor! For next year, be sure you have three paintings set aside to submit . . .your signature status awaits!

Hats Off to you!