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Monday, September 17, 2012


One of the cows got separated from her calf during a move, then baby and mother “failed to communicate” any more. The calf was wandering around by itself so Mike decided to give it to a 4H group. When they came to get it, the calf was with other cows and they walked away to get hay from Mike, and the calf just watched like “hmmm, wonder where they’re going. . . “ and continued to eat by itself – totally zero herd instinct.

When the rest of the cows left, the calf continued to eat by herself - no herd instinct!
So the 4H family arrived to catch the cow – while I observed from a high vantage point!

Round and round she goes . . .

. . . where she stops, nobody knows!
It took a while but finally they got her, loaded her into the little cart that they hitch to the Gator and from there into the cattle trailer.

This is why cowboys have lassoes . . .

Or maybe dog leashes!

Thanks, Stray, for the loan of your leash!
She’s doing fine now and was at a local fair – Harvest Home Fall Festival in Cheviot, OH – in the petting zoo, so we went to visit her last weekend!


RH Carpenter said...

LOL!! One little calf and 6 men? ha ha Well, at least they caught her - and she's sooo cute!!! I hope she has a happy home and gets lots of pets at the petting zoo :) It's always an adventure out at your place!

Ginny Stiles said...

Gosh, I forgot about your cows! Fun to see the little guy and a good happy ending for him (at least for now).
You take such good photos for a 92 year old.

debwardart said...

Rhonda, yep, never dull!
Ginny - how could you forget the cows - - you aren't even 92 yet!!!

Christiane Kingsley said...

This is too funny...after the sad part of the mother - calf separation:-)

debwardart said...

It took them a while to get that critter "rustled up"!