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Thursday, September 27, 2012


All zonked out on pain meds and muscle relaxants - on his new found favorite blankie!
I was really worried about Stray. He was lethargic and yelped when he got up. He didn't want to lay down, and when he did, it was only on his side. He didn't eat or drink, didn't do anything - and I thought we were killing him (G U L P) since I had fed him a beef bone the other night, and Mike had given him some deer meat we are trying to clean out of the freezer. I was crying when I left to teach yesterday and Mike had to go out also - but he called me when he got home with 2 "patient" updates!!!

Mike found him on the loveseat when he returned home! Since Stray knows he's not supposed to do that, I knew he wasn't feeling good. I let him sleep inside last night, covered with a blankie, rather than in the garage, and I slept on the couch by him! (Talk about spoiled!)

This morning he wouldn't bend down to eat so Mike put his food on the step and he ate.

At 10 this morning I took him to the vet. Of course, at the vet's office he was FINE. I let go the leash when I checked in, turned around and he was GONE - making a new friend of the person behind me! He was very friendly to everyone - he's a charmer!

He was soooo good at the vet's, I was proud of him! The vet pushed, poked and prodded (same as I did yesterday and with the same results - no yelping) and then she moved his neck, like a chiropractor would - she said she heard a crack! And when she pushed down he yelped. Turns out it's his NECK!

It also turns out that the lumps we occasionally find are just what my Future Favorite Son-in-law said they were - fatty tumors, not to worry, unless they get so large as to "impede his mobility". I got him heartworm meds, and he's on anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants until he feels better.

Also - much to my chagrin and Mike's delight - I put down "unknown" for breed and they filled in - get ready - - - - Rhodesian Ridgeback!

Also, the vet said he's probably 6-7 years old and weighs a whopping 101 lbs.!

He ate several treats from the vet - and even took one off the floor - so he could bend his neck for that – and when we got home he felt well enough to devour one Pupperoni stick! Just like a kid!

He does like taking the pills - I get hot dogs, cut them into small pieces, just large enough to hide the pills in - and he eats them like treats, not realizing he just ate a pill!

For now he will be mellowing out on pain killers and muscle relaxants for a couple days - my own personal pure bred Drug Dog.


RH Carpenter said...

So glad he's going to be okay!!! He'll enjoy those muscle relaxants! ha ha

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

So glad he's doing better!

Ginny Stiles said...

Wow what a doggie story!
Rhodesian Ridgeback???? Sounds like the English Dog show for you!
This dog is lucky to have you guys!
Glad he is doing better!