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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I have a really good friend who will ship my paintings via UPS for me. I do the leg work and get the forms together, but I think she does the really hard part of getting it all organized, put together and sent on its way. Since the packages will then come back to her, she also has to find someplace safe to store them until we see each other – and to protect them from her husband and son who seem to want to destroy them for me! The first time my box was returned, the guys thought it was a piece of useless junk and tossed it outside.

JUNK???? I use the Airfloat boxes which are great – but, let’s face it, once something has gone through the UPS facility and on to a UPS truck (no offense to the UPS drivers who I know do the best job they can) and off that truck and delivered – well, some damage will be done. When I received my brand new box – shipped from the Airfloat company to me – there were oil spots and a “ding” in the side. I know they didn’t ship it from their factory that way – but that was just the normal “wear and tear” – and that was only its first trip! By the 2nd or 3rd trip the boxes look like they have seen battle in Afghanistan (and I’m not sure who won!).

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martinealison said...

Je suis ravie de vous retrouver après les longues semaines d'absence.

Pas simples les expéditions...
Gros bisous