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Friday, May 1, 2015


Here are two road sign posts – these were typical for the county!  My husband has had this rule for years – “don’t drive in Franklin County after dark” (he would actually get nervous!!!).  I have a rule “never drive in Franklin County without the county map”. 

However . . . in the past couple of years our rural county apparently got some stimulus money, because all of the old signs are being taken down and new ones put up – shiny green and white on a metal post – no character at all – it just ain’t the same.  Although my husband will no longer be getting lost!

The scenery is so “wild and wooly” – I really love it (but it is kinda scary!), so my husband and I have another rule about areas like this - “don’t have an accident here!”  We figure that if we have a wreck in one of these places they may never find our bodies!

And here is a sad but true story.  Several years ago a small plane took off from Aurora, IN, another local town located along the Ohio River.  A short time later a farmer in Franklin County heard a plane that didn’t sound quite right, then a crashing noise.  He proceeded to finish plowing his field, then went to the house, got some help on four-wheelers (you might call them quad-runners or ATVs) and went looking for the plane.  They also called in the police at that time and a real search took place but had to stop due to darkness.  It wasn’t until the next day, and then only after a helicopter was called in, that the plane was found in the trees.  (Sadly, the pilot died).


RH Carpenter said...

I'd tell someone trying to find this place to go to the corner of Some Man and Blank Roads - not as bad as Irish signs that are impossible to decipher and usually have about 5-6 names on each sign (guess to tell you what's closest and what's farthest away?). Sad story about the pilot - must be pretty wooly out there in the country where ya'll live :) Hows them piggies doing? Got any little cute ones or just big ugly pigs?

Debbie Nolan said...

Living in the country (rural area) we have road signs too that need deciphering from time to time.
Truly a sad story about the pilot.
Well take care friend and be sure to take a map when you travel. Have a great week.