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Monday, April 7, 2014


I entered my painting "Flights of Fancy" into the PWS online show.

I took a look at the winners.  When Denny Bond is getting only a small award for his amazing paintings - I knew I hadn't had a chance for an award in this one!

Click here to view the show winners.

My painting appears at the top of page 3 here.

Or, you can always go to their website  and view the show in it's entirety!

And marvel at the award winners' abilities!


Katherine Harra said...

I promise to go look at the show, later, but right now I HAVE to give you MY award (sorry, no money) for that painting. Technically brilliant, lovely composition, absolutely personal, and completely unexpected, requiring a long long long look. Can't ask for more than that. But then, we know about those jurors, it depends on what they had for breakfast.

debwardart said...
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debwardart said...

Thanks for your A Ward!

laura said...

Deb, you should do a class, and I would love to take it, in setting up still lifes.
I second everything Katherine so perfectly stated.

debwardart said...

Wow - thanks Laura!